What is Rage Vitamin Water?

Rage Vitamin Enhanced Water + Electrolytes

Rage Vitamin Enhanced Water + Electrolytes is a new age functional beverage to keep people hydrated, fight oxidative stress, and boost energy without caffeine and stimulants while keeping calories low.

Rage uses vitamins and minerals in conjunction with electrolytes and few carbohydrates to keep partiers and athletes alike hydrated and energized.

EDM event goers often dance for extended periods of time and some have their parties cut short due to dehydration and other health factors. Rage is here to help keep their party going strong without these complications.

Male 62%
Female 38%
Millenials 100%






Percent of Daily Vitamin B6
Percent of Daily Vitamin B12
Percent of Daily Vitamin C
Percent Hydration

Rage Vitamin Water

Science Behind Rage

Science Behind Rage

Developed alongside certified medical physicians in Naples, Florida and with medical research Rage uses a key blend of vitamins to increase energy and vitality. Along with increased energy, Rage fights oxidative stress and helps maintain hydration with key electrolytes.

How the supplements work for you.

  • B12 increases blood flow.
  • L Carnitine reduces cramping and muscle breakdown.
  • A increase immunity.
  • C increases endurance under strain.
  • B4 (Niacin) increases food breakdown.
  • B6 increases cellular division.
  • Electrolytes for hydration.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid turns vitamins fat soluble allowing for rapid absorption creating energy you can feel.

Why Rage?

Brand Recognition

  • Rage is a slang term coined by the millennial generation. It represents partying, extreme sports and living life to the max.


  • We chose Rage because it represents a new age lifestyle promoting a young, healthy, and active generation.

Eye Catching

  • Rage’s vibrant bottle takes queues from the themes present at EDM events and its color ways grab the attention of party goers and those living the active lifestyle.

EDM Facts

  • The niche market of Electric Dance Music attendees does not have a beverage brand to represent them.
  • EDM is the fastest growing music and event market in the world currently with one billion participants.
  • Big brands are sponsoring events to market to this demographic worldwide.
  • Research about the electronic dance music market indicates that energy drinks are not marketable to this industry due to their debilitating effects on health and sustainability.
  • The rise of electronic dance music has garnered the influences of other genres of music such as rap, pop and country.
  • According to Forbes Magazine, “dance music’s convergence with pop music has made it more accepted as well as opened up the genre to a host of new listeners. “As this convergence grows, Rage Vitamin Enhanced Water + Electrolytes has the potential to reach music markets outside of traditional EDM.



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      Drink Mixes

      Rage Re-MIXED

      The Raging Goose

      The Raging Goose

      – Rage – Grey Goose – Lime

      Summer Festival Rager

      Summer Festival Rager

      12 oz Rage 3 oz mango vodka Splash of OJ Garnish with mint sprig



      1.5 oz stoli orange 1.5 oz stoli vanilla Rage Splash of oj Garnsh with orange wedge



      – 2.0 oz Tequila – 1.0 oz Triple Sec – Rage – Garnish with lime  

      Tropical Rage Martini

      Tropical Rage Martini

      – 1.5 oz stoli orange – 1.5 ciroc coconut – Splash of Pineapple – Splash of Rage – Splash of OJ – Garnish with pineapple wedge

      Rum Rager

      Rum Rager

      – 8 oz Rage – 2 oz Gold Rum – 1 oz Coconut rum – Drop of Grenadine – Garnish with orange wedge and cherry

      Rage is easy to drink, healthy, can be co marketed with the EDM world, and serves as an equally good mixer with alcoholic beverages. 

      Naples, FL